Read Labels, Choose Wisely

About Trevi

No Compromises

We took a no compromises approach crafting Trevi Essence Water. Consumers shouldn’t be forced to choose between beverages that are healthy, and beverages that taste great. So, we made Trevi both - healthy and great tasting. By ensuring Trevi’s flavor profiles accurately reflect the flavors listed on the label, we make sure Trevi is always "True to the fruit!”

The Ins and Outs

With Trevi Essence Water, we ensure that what should be in is IN, and what should be out is OUT.

Read Labels, Choose Wisely

If you can't pronounce it, do you really want to drink it?


What is an “Essence Water”?

An “essence water” is an All Natural, flavored water, with no ingredients other than purified water and natural flavors. An essence water has the same “All Zeros” Nutrition Facts panel as plain water.

What does “All Natural” mean? What kind of natural flavors are in Trevi?

All Natural means there are no artificial ingredients in Trevi, such as artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc. All flavors in Trevi are “Botanical” – They come directly from plants!

Where do you get your water? How is it purified? Why don’t you use Spring Water, or Mineral Water?

Because Trevi is bottled at different locations, the water comes from multiple

sources. A multi-step water purification process is used to ensure uniform quality

and purity, and consistent flavor. We don't use spring water, mineral water, etc, because they contain substances that negatively

impact Trevi’s flavor.

Does Trevi have Stevia, or other sweeteners, in it?

No, Trevi does not have Stevia, or other “sweeteners”, in it.

Is Trevi gluten-free? Vegan? Kosher?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Do Trevi bottles have BPA?

No, our bottles do not have BPA. We use PET (or PETE) bottles, recognizable by the #1-inside-a-triangle image on the bottom of the bottle.

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